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10 Crazy Toilet Seat Covers

People do all kinds of things to show their personality. Some choose hair color or car mods to show who they are, but for the truly refined, toilet decals exist. We’ve rounded up ten of the best toilet seat covers and stickers to show your guests what’s really important to you. And to make some bad jokes along the way.



General Ackbar’s, “It’s a Crap!”


Star Wars is a surprisingly popular choice for commode decor. From the popular expression, “Use the Force,” to tasteful movie quote bathroom decals, George Lucas’s series is making a splash in every way.


Passive Aggressive Mom-age


The script font keeps it classy, but we can all read the subtext: the writer (or, stick-er as it were) will flush you if you don’t keep the seat clean.





The theme of this seat decal seems to be to entice you and your family with the dream of what it would be like to use the restroom on the beach itself. Luckily, the beach on this toilet is deserted, which I am sure would not be the case if you tried to use the restroom here in real life.


Lincoln’s Logs


Were those quarter books from the early 90’s not cutting it for you? Here’s an innovative new way to display your 50 States Quarters collection for all to pee—er, see.



Clear the Cookies


Technically, wouldn’t you be uploading in this scenario?



Hit Your Mark


Stormtroopers have notoriously awful aim, so much so that this toilet sticker feels the need to make fun of them. Do you think they had these in the Death Star bathrooms to try and shame the Stormtroopers into aiming better?


If they did, it didn’t work very well.



Swish and Flush

Harry Poo-tter and the Chamber Pot of Secrets.


That’s it, that’s the whole joke.


Reduce, Reuse, Recycle


While this is a great reminder to go green for your consumer lifestyle, if something else turns out green you may want to see a doctor.




Picture it: you’re barely awake, but nontheless—nature is calling. You stumble into your bathroom armed with only the vague sense of having to pee. Hardly in control of your limbs, you squint into the darkness of your bathroom and spot it—the porcelain. Sighing in relief, you let loose and as you do, you realize...this is the bathtub.


This innovative, glow-in-the-dark decal gives you a guiding light for those nights when you just can’t be bothered to flick on the light.

Iron Commode


“When you play the game of commodes, you either win or you die.” - pretty sure that’s the quote.


Which toilet seat cover is your favorite? Don’t forget to call Cregger Plumbing & Sewer Service for your sewage questions and plumbing humor needs.