Why Is Insulation Important?

Cregger HVAC technician installing insulation

If your house is not staying as cool or as warm as you need it to be, the problem may not be your furnace or air conditioning. The culprit may be your insulation. Insulation is the key factor for maintaining temperature levels in your home. Without adequate and properly installed insulation, you are fighting a losing battle to keep your house comfortable.

How Does Insulation Work in The Home?

The science behind insulation is easy to understand. Basically, the material used as insulation will slow the conduction of heat between two surfaces or areas. In the winter, the heat produced by your home wants to escape through the walls.

With adequate insulation, this will happen very slowly and your home will remain comfortable. Conversely, in the summer, the heat trying to get in will be slowed by the insulation and your air conditioning will be able to efficiently keep your house pleasant.

Why is Insulation Important?

If you have no insulation or inadequate and improperly installed insulation, you may wear out your furnace and air conditioning much faster than if your house were properly insulated.

Insulation helps maintain the temperatures created by your heating and cooling appliances. Once the air reaches the desired temperature, the appliance can stop working. With no insulation, the temperature cannot be maintained without the air conditioning or furnace running and this results in more wear and tear on these machines.

With no insulation, you may be doubling your heating costs, and your machines will be working overtime, which may lead to their premature failure. Considering insulation is cheap compared to a new furnace or air conditioning, then it's better to make sure your insulation is up to par.

What Should I Do if I Suspect My Home’s Insulation is Subpar?

Contact us at Cregger Plumbing, Heating & Cooling. We will make sure your insulation is sufficient so you can enjoy your house no matter what the outside temperature. Trust us for all of your heating and cooling needs today!

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